Registered Nurse-AICU

QCI Healthcare

Intensive Care / Coronary Nurse (ICU)

13 week AICU traveler needed for the Night shift. CCRN preferred. ACLS required. Trauma, Neuro, Medical – Surgical Experience. (GI Bleeds, Serve Sepsis, Renal, Endocrine, etc). Many times, we get applicants with limited neuro experience and we have difficulty finding appropriate assignments.

We are looking for candidates with a STRONG neuro background! We are a 42 Bed ICU, although we attempt to segregate different patient populations, it does not always work out that way, so you could easily have a GI bleed in one bed and a V.Cath or TPA patient in the other. Our ratio is 2:1 or 1:1 depending on patient acuity. Our assignments are re-evaluated on a 4-hour basis, if not sooner, to assure nurse and patient safety.

Three 12 hour NIGHTS. Must be willing to float to similar or lower acuity units if needed and work E/O holiday and E/O weekend.                    

Please contact Adria Dennis, 248-888-9031,