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To fill health care jobs, providers need dedicated service

Here at QCI Healthcare, we are committed to building long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and employees. We understand the need and importance of quickly filling available jobs with dependable, high quality professionals who can ensure the best possible care is consistently provided. We’re committed to working side by side with you and your organization to support your needs.

Our company has a long history of working with businesses that search to fill their healthcare jobs: Assisted living centers, nursing homes, hospitals, and other healthcare businesses in many states across the country — Michigan, Florida, Arizona, and more — have turned to the experts at QCI for over 30 years. To earn this loyalty, we have made it a point to screen our candidates thoroughly, evaluating each in order to confirm that they meet our quality standards before we hire them. In fact, we hold one of the lowest EOMD percentiles in the industry and we carefully consider which facility is best suited for the skill set of each healthcare professional.

Let us work with you to place the best healthcare professionals in your organization.

At QCI Healthcare, we believe in giving first-class service to patients and clients alike. When in need of assistance filling healthcare jobs, health care businesses can trust QCI Healthcare. Our offices are located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but that region is only the hub of the many regions across the country we serve. Contact a QCI representative for information about employees in your area.

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